The Fort McMurray fire has displaced almost 100,000 people and destroyed thousands of homes and vehicles.  Many people did not have time to gather their most valued possessions when evacuating, and were forced to leave behind things they cannot replace.  Families are dislocated and children are out of school
As of today, the fire is still not contained.  It is covering an area that exceeds the size of Vancouver. See comparative area maps as published by Maclean’s .  
In the face of such devastation to our fellow Canadians, we are moved to help.  TimberWest has donated $5,000 to the Red Cross relief effort, and will also match employee donations.  With Federal Government matching we hope to achieve an effective $20,000 contribution.
Fire safety is foremost in our minds at this time of year.  The Fort McMurray disaster reminds us how devastating fires can be.  These major blazes all start from a small fire that gets out of control.
Please use extra precaution.
On behalf of TimberWest, our heartfelt prayers go out to everyone affected by this fire. Our thoughts are with the responders who are bravely working to put an end to this blaze.
Jeff Zweig,
President & CEO

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