Beginning the weekend of October 30, TimberWest is entering into a pilot program with the BCWF and Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association to provide access for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts this hunting season. Club volunteers will be monitoring gate access by collecting information on each vehicle that passes through the gates.

Working with responsible forest users like the BCWF and its affiliated clubs should provide mutual benefits for both Club members and TimberWest.  It will allow for recreational public access while maintaining accountability that should help to reduce on-going problems with theft, vandalism and garbage dumping on private timberlands.

There will be areas where hunting is not permitted and a map will be provided showing the no-hunting areas.  ATVs use is also not permitted on TimberWest lands.

TimberWest is pleased to be working with the BCWF and Victoria Fish and Game representatives on this pilot project which will include the lands between the Butler Main gate (in Sooke) and the Kapoor Main gate (west of Shawnigan Lake).  BCWF members will be at these gates on the weekends only from October 30 through December 5/6, excluding November 7/8.  They will be manning the gates from 2 hours before 1st light until 1 hour after 1st light in the morning, from 11:00 till 1:00, and from 1 hour before dark till 2 hours after dark in the evening.

Click here to view the map

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