High quality second growth Douglas-Fir and Western Hemlock

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Our valued customers

TimberWest is proud of its long-term domestic and international customer base.

Our sustainably harvested and certified timber is highly valued by markets around the globe.

We ensure all logs are manufactured to customer specifications at all times. We maintain tight supply-chain controls for flexible response to changing market demand and product specifications.

If you are interested in learning more about our products contact our Log Sales & Marketing team.

TimberWest’s Log Sales & Marketing team are highly skilled log traders and managers with knowledge of global markets and demand requirements. The team travels extensively to build and maintain strong relationships with our international customers in BC, Japan, China, Korea and the US.

TimberWest is proud of its growing international presence, and we look forward to new business relationships.

TimberWest supplies offshore markets on a Free On Board (FOB) or Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) basis. For CIF sales, TimberWest regularly charters vessels. Ships are loaded at a variety of port facilities in BC. Efficient loading and high performing vessels means cost effective and timely transportation into ports throughout the Pacific rim.

TimberWest manages all export permitting and phytosanitary requirements. The option for both “bark-on” and “bark-off” products are available depending on customer requirements.

If you are interested in working with TimberWest and come from one of the global markets listed, please email us. We are always looking forward to new business opportunities:


Japan Market logmarketingjapan@timberwest.com
China Market logmarketingchina@timberwest.com
Korea Market logmarketingkorea@timberwest.com
US Market logmarketingus@timberwest.com

Approximately 90% of TimberWest’s logging is certified second growth Douglas-Fir and Western Hemlock. Our logs are characterized as high-quality second growth with small, sound knots, uniform grain, limited internal defect, and consistent shape. A robust quality control program ensures that length, diameter and grading specifications meet the needs of our international and domestic customers.  

TimberWest products

  • Sawlogs, for manufacture of high quality construction grade lumber
  • Peeler, for veneer, plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
  • Custom cut logs of all species, for specialty niches

TimberWest sorting

  • TimberWest will sort to customer specifications by diameter, log quality and length

TimberWest’s third-party certified species include:

  • Douglas-Fir
  • Western Hemlock
  • Red Cedar
  • Alder
  • Yellow Cedar (Cypress)

We work with First Nation communities, woodlot owners, community forests and private landowners to get their logs to market and secure the best financial return they deserve for their logs. If you are interested in working with TimberWest please contact us at LogPurchase@TimberWest.com.

Our Log Marketing & Sales team have a strong understanding of customer demands in international and domestic markets. We sell into all of the major Pacific-rim log markets including BC, Japan, China, Korea and the US.

All permitting and regulatory requirements are managed by our team of experts. And because we work closely with the end-user, we can manage the desired specifications to get the customer what they want, and to get you the highest economic return for your logs.

We actively charter our own bulk freighters which means transportation costs are competitive, resulting in a better return on your product.

Contact us and we will work with you to develop a long-lasting business relationship that meets your needs.

We provide the following services:


Securing Government permits and ensuring regulatory due-diligence

  • Managing all government application processes including road permits, cutting permits, Forest Tenure Agreement submissions
  • Managing phytosanitary concerns and other international market requirements
  • Ensuring all environmental certifications metrics are well managed

Forest planning, harvesting and tree planting

  • Access to our professional experts including Registered Professional Biologists, Registered Professional Foresters, Engineers, hydrologists, geotechnical specialist, environmental monitors, and archeologists
  • Field engineering and Timber Cruising to select the best logs for the best return
  • Managing Visual Impact Assessments, operational plans and GIS technical support

Access to Market

  • Use of strategically located dryland sorts and booming operations
  • Use of deep water ports for break-bulk or container based ocean frights
  • Cost competitive transportation options to secure product to global markets

Sales and Marketing support

  • Marketing expertise and advice on which markets are best suited for your product
  • Our team of Log Quality experts will assess the timber and value the logs
  • Regular reporting on production, financial return, accounting and management of stumpage
  • Legal support

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Find the latest Access Information for Mosaic private forest lands


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