Vancouver: Today, TimberWest released its 2017 Sustainability Progress Report setting out results for the past year, together with commitments and areas of focus for 2018.

The Report focuses on progress in key areas of sustainability including Safety, Environment, First Nations, and Local Communities.

“We are on a journey to constantly improve what we do, and how we do it. We set key improvement targets every year, and measure our progress against these goals” said Jeff Zweig, President and CEO of TimberWest. “TimberWest has been part of the fabric of Vancouver Island for over 100 years.  We strive to be highly responsible stewards of the land and do the right thing by First Nations, the communities, and the thousands of people who work for TimberWest directly and indirectly.”

Among TimberWest’s accomplishments in 2017, we are particularly proud of the following:

  • 39% decrease in medical incident rate year-over-year
  • Achieving certification under Progressive Aboriginal Relations (the first Forest company in BC)
  • Planting 6.2 million seedlings across the land base
  • Donating of $1.4 million to environmental initiatives and local communities across Vancouver Island
  • Committing up to $10 million over 5 years for forestry-related Research & Development through Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster

“Our areas of focus for 2018 include working towards zero injuries by targeting a further significant reduction in injury frequency – we will only truly be successful when everyone goes home safely, every single day,” continued Mr. Zweig. “For our Environmental milestones this year, we are pleased to announce our Carbon Strategy with a 2018 targeted reduction of burning on-site residuals by 20%, and a Company-wide goal of working towards carbon neutrality.”

To learn more about TimberWest’s achievements and future initiatives visit the infographic 2017 Sustainability Progress Report.

TimberWest is certified to the Progressive Aboriginal Relations program of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. The company is also third-party certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and has been operating on the BC Coast for over 100 years.  TimberWest is a Canadian company owned by two major Canadian public service pension funds.

For More Information:

Monica Bailey
Director, Communications
TimberWest Forest Corp.
Phone: 250.716.3744

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