TimberWest welcomes the public release of the Legal Order that will guide forest management in the Great Bear Rainforest.

The release of the Legal Order for 60 days of public review marks an important milestone in the ongoing implementation of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement, announced by the BC government in 2006. The Great Bear Rainforest agreement was the result of consensus recommendations made to government as a result of public land use planning that began in 2000 and a new relationship between the Province and First Nations in the region.  Among other things, the Agreement led to the first stage of implementation of ecosystem-based management (EBM) throughout BC’s 64,000 square kilometer Central and North Coasts.

The Legal Order establishes the requirements and framework for the full implementation of EBM that will balance ecological integrity and human well-being. Following public review and revisions, the finalized Legal Order will govern TimberWest’s forest operations in the Great Bear Rainforest. A significant milestone has been reached following 15 years of planning and implementation.

“TimberWest has been operating for over 100 years on the BC Coast. We are a committed, long-term producer.  Sustainably managing the forest is critical to our ongoing success in a business where performance is measured over decades and centuries.”
– Jeff Zweig, President and CEO, TimberWest Forest Corp.

We are committed to working with Government, First Nations and all key stakeholders to help improve the ecological integrity in the Great Bear Rainforest  and see full implementation of EBM in the GBR.  See our News Post “Embracing Ecosystem Based Management in the Great Bear Rainforest”.

For more information on forest practices at TimberWest please see our Information Sheets.


  • The Great Bear Rainforest Land Use Objectives Order established objectives intended to achieve an appropriate balance of social, economic and environmental benefits. The Order is a legal requirement that will guide all aspects of forest management providing protection for fish and wildlife habitat, old forest and First Nations cultural values.
  • Compliance with the Order is mandatory for those managing forests in the region.
  • Under the Order 85% of the forest found in the Great Bear Rainforest will be reserved from harvest activity. The remaining 15% of the forest supports the contribution to human and community wellbeing provided by commercial forestry.

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